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Welcome to ACN Herbs and Green Tea

On your first visit to ACN Herbs and Green Tea, Leslie will sit down with you to conduct a private and personal evaluation for which Chinese Herbal program will be bestfor you.

Whether it is a detoxification, weight maintenance, or an energy program, you can be rest assured that her many years of experience will start to help you feel better.

Leslie will also include a nutritional program as part of your Chinese Herb Aid. She has special programs available for people with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Heart Conditions.

Let herbs, green tea and vitamins make the NATURAL difference in your life.

Consulting one-on-one with Leslie can help you:

• Learn how to eat properly for the rest of your life at home, at work, and on-the-go

• Lose weight based on eating healthy and keep the weight off for the long term

• Organic Chinese Herbs will help you to manage your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose

• Adjust portion sizes appropriate for a healthy body weight based on your size of you palm

• Eat appropriately to maximize energy levels by eating small portion with correct veggie and fruits

• Manage your food cravings from your mind

• Take organic herbs consistently with daily vitamin and mineral needs from food and supplements

As your herbalist coach, Leslie can give you practical advice and a sustainable meal plan based on her experience. You'll receive a nutrition plan that's realistic to rejuvenate your health. The extra motivation, accountability, and support provided by Leslie Duong will help you follow through and achieve your health goals.

Leslie's Philosophy

As your Chinese Herbalist and Health Nutritionist, I can help you make committed long-term changes (but not with fast or quick fixes) for your eating habits and nutritional intake. After all, the only nutrition plan that works is one that you can continue to maintain for the rest of your life. I will develop a nutrition and meal plan for you based on your goals and your lifestyle as well as show you what you should not eat. I will also explain to you how and when you eat affects your weight and your metabolism. I will make sure you accomplish your goals, whether they include weight loss, lowering cholesterol, or learning how to eat right. I will continue to help you stay on the right nutritional program and keep you updated on new nutritional topics.

I will help you keep a healthy body and mind,

Leslie Duong




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