HELPING remedies


Leslie's FOUR WEEK's FOR YOUR BEST BODY plans are a great way to get your mind and body cleansed and operating at peak efficiency.

Call Leslie to setup up a FREE appointment to start one of these programs:

Leslie's help clients NATURALLY for the following health issues.

Weight loss naturally (affordable) lasts for 3 weeks.

• Water retention

• Decrease sugar craving

Detoxification (affordable) 3-4 weeks supply.

• Liver gallbladder pancreatic cleanse (energy booster)

• Colon cleanse large and small intestine wall will diminish (will promote regular bowel movements)

• Stomach and spleen cleanse (will promote high metabolism and help you to feel higher levels of energy)

Liver Detoxification Promotes good nails and skin

Very Affordable - 60 day supply, and tea for 10 days

• Liver tonify and replenish (Promotes good liver function)

• Regenerate your skin

• Nail and beauty

Beauty No No No wrinkle, Beauty from natural herbs ancient Chinese herbs

Chinese natural herbs will help many problems and enhance ones healthy to be efficiency. 

Leslie also helps the following conditions:

• Low Immune System

• Quit Smoking

Leslie can also help you Increase your ENERGY and feel great all day! Feel good at work and have more energy be focused and more vibrant. Great Herbs Affordable 30 days supply